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Ciao 🙂

I’ve been traveling on and off for as long as I can remember. All of the memories and experiences I have obtained from my travels are owed to my parents. Having the desire and ability to see all of the wonderful places that I have is all because of them. They are amazing people and have always supported me. Don’t get me wrong, though. If you don’t have as much assistance as I, travel can still be done. You just have to stop procrastinating and do it. Save your money, make your plans, buy the tickets and go. Go and see all the world has to offer before we are forced to leave it, because it is breathtaking.

In October of 2016, a beautiful opportunity presented itself. I followed it, worked hard at it and now I am reaping the benefits. As of December 2016, I am officially a Flight Attendant! I am able to not only get paid to see the world, but I get amazing flying benefits to allow travel on my off days. I work about 15 days a month and play for the other 15.

After spending 9 years as a server, bartender and hostess at multiple restaurants, an assistant manager at an apartment complex, a saleswoman for a fortune 500 company and many side gigs from promoting and babysitting to teaching and photography, I am extremely blessed to finally have a job, a career, that I adore.

Not only do I have the privilege of meeting a multitude of intriguing people each day at work, but I also find new ways to appreciate the world in with we live whether through discovering a new historical site or further understanding aspects of other cultures.

With all that is happening these days, it makes me wish more and more that people would travel, because if they did, then maybe they would begin to realize that, intrinsically, we are all the same – regardless of the language we speak, the food we eat and what deity we worship. No matter where you are, the sun rises and sets. No matter where you are, people laugh and cry. The only thing that separates us is our understanding (or lack thereof).

I can only hope you get a kick out of my blog and that it makes you feel… something, whether it’s inspiration, curiosity or just closer to the rest of the world, for each city you see, every forest you walk, makes this world seem a little smaller.

Thanks for reading and welcome to my journey!

Nerd out.


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